MADE FRESH WITH LOVE + ORGANIC  INGREDIENTS IN THE HEART OF CANBERRA order one week in advance every Thursday for delivery the following Wednesday.

Four Simple Steps:

1. Sign up to our meal plan list to receive our Delicious Weekly Menu. Select from our variety of delicious meals including snacks, sauces, and broths.
2. Order one week in advance. Each week you may browse through our Delicious Menu. Select from our variety of delicious Meals, Snacks, Sauces & Broths. Our menu changes weekly to incorporate seasonal ingredients and keep you excited!  
We accept orders via email or purchase from our Shop once we release our weekly menu on Mondays. We’ll send out a confirmation email, confirming your order and delivery date and address.
3. Delivered fresh between 8am – 7pm every Wednesday.
You'll receive a text message when we are within the hour of delivery! Cut off time to order is strictly by midnight Thursday so set your reminders and Don't Miss Out! Delivery will commence on the following Wednesday week. You are always ordering one week in advance.
4. Nourish yourself. All there is left is to relax and enjoy! Bon appétit! We love your feedback, so please remember to #LVKCanberra and tell us how it was!
How Does It Work? 
How much does a meal cost?
A single lunch/dinner serving size meal ranges from $14 - $25.
A single serving size is a matter of perception, don't be suckered into just looking for cheap prices because you are doing yourself a major disservice. Most other meal companies are attempting to sell tiny meals of 350g and some even as low as 300g per serve. If you also look at the ingredients that make up these questionable serving sizes.
We aim for about 600g per serve and the quality and caliber of ALL our ingredients are beyond what any other company will offer you, read our testimonials you will find much value in what we offer...just ask our customers!
Is there a Minimum order required?
Yes, Minimum order amount is $65 (excluding delivery fee). However, due to the current situation we are reducing the minimum order to $35.
How do I give feedback?
As a small business, we thrive on feedback from every dish we serve you. We are always excited to hear any comments on how you found your meal, what you liked, what you want more of and how we can do better.
If you’re already part of our community and enjoying our produce at home we would love for you share with us how your taste buds found the experience - simply email us at hello@lilysvegankitchen.com.au 
What happens if i need to alter my order?
If you have placed your order and need to alter it BEFORE midnight on Thursday, please send through an email and we can make the necessary changes.  If you need to make adjustments to your order AFTER midnight on Thursday we cannot guarantee that we can do so. Please email us and we can work together to come up with a solution.
What are my payment options?
Payment can be made by Direct Deposit, Visa or Mastercard online or PayPal.
Does your menu change?
We change our menu weekly to cater for seasonal, local produce.
Delivery & Shipping
How Does Delivery Work?
We deliver to any residential or business address in almost every corner of Canberra. If you're unsure if we deliver to you, simply email us to hello@lilysvegankitchen.com.au, and we'd be more than happy to check for you!
What days do you deliver?
We deliver on Wednesdays between 8am & 7pm.
Public holiday deliveries: Please note that no deliveries will take place on public holidays. In the case your order is due to fall on a public holiday, the order will arrive the following business day. We will endeavour to remind you of this delivery change when the occasion arises.
How much is delivery?
e charge a flat rate of $10 for delivery around Canberra, Gungahlin & Queandbeyan.
What time will my order arrive?
Your meals can arrive anytime between 8am - 7pm on Wednesday. 
We will text or email you with a 1hr delivery window on the morning of your delivery, so you’ll know exactly when your parcel is arriving. Just remember to email us your special delivery instructions for us to follow when you place your order.
Do I need to be at home to receive my meals?
Yes, you need to be home. Please understand that once delivered we ask you to be responsible to get your food into a fridge.
When you place your order: you'll be asked to enter your special delivery instructions for us to follow.
On the day of delivery: We will text or email you with a 1hr delivery window on the morning of your delivery, so you’ll know exactly when your parcel is arriving.
If you’re need to update your instructions on the day: Please email us at hello@lilysvegankitchen.com.au or call us on 0497 772 442
Please not that we can also deliver to your workplace during business hours.
Can we collect our orders?
Sorry, no.
Ingredients & Nutritional Information
Is every dish completely vegan?
Absolutely. Delicious, handmade and vegan. Nothing but plants.
Is your food organic?
We want delicious, exciting, plant-powered foods to be available and accessible to as many people as possible. We've done the maths. If our meals were 100% organic, each dish would become at least 50% more expensive, that isn't viable for most people. But the planet shouldn't have to pay for our mad world. That's why Lily’s Vegan Kitchen is 100% committed to using sustainable, scalable, high-quality and, wherever we can, organically grown ingredients. We can say that:
100% of our dry goods are certified organic. This includes items such as nuts, seeds, coconut milk/ flakes, cacao, spices, dried fruit etc.
80% of our fresh fruit and vegetable produce is either certified organic, pesticide free or in transition. Where organic is an available option to us, we always take it.
On top of that, we are working towards a zero-waste goal in both our kitchen and yours. All our meals are perfectly portioned, our packaging is 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable and our kitchen works to a strict minimal waste policy, which is a big challenge that we are always improving on.
Do email us on hello@lilysvegankitchen.com.au if you have any questions or want more information.
Are any of your meals gluten, low FODMAP, Palero, Keto or allergen free?
Absolutely! Cooking up plant-based goodness for every preference and dietary requirement is something we are working hard to achieve.
LVK aim is to offer a wide selection of meals to cater for different dietary requirements, such as, gluten free, LOW-FODMAP, Nut-Free, Keto, Paleo options.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee any of our dishes will be completely free from traces of key allergens. We do not take liability for allergies. Please ensure you read the ingredients list for each meal thoroughly before purchasing. If you have a strong reaction or risk of anaphylaxis, we do NOT recommend ordering with us.
If you would like help ordering a box of these allergen-free specific meals, we are more than happy to put together a special customised meal for you. Please feel free to message us over at hello@lilysvegankitchen.com.au 
What happens if I need to cancel my order?
If you have placed your once-off order and need to cancel it BEFORE the midnight Thursday cut off, please email us and we will refund your money in full. If however it is AFTER midnight on Thursday unfortunately fresh produce will have already been ordered and purchased so we will not be able to refund your money.

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